Touring Jerusalem at a click of a button. Jerusalem 360 brings to the home viewer the magical streets of Jerusalem without leaving your chair. Only Jerusalem’s unique scent and chill are lacking. Instead, you can enjoy an entire evening in Jerusalem with the need for a coat or sweater.
Jerusalem 360 is the largest panoramic project ever launched in Jerusalem and Israel, enabling you to tour over 100 locations in the Old and New city of Jerusalem. You can visit the Kottel, the Western Wall, or delve into Jerusalem’s subterranean history; shop at the Machane Yehuda or Arab Shuq; pray at Jerusalem’s many synagogues; climb the String Bridge or jump to the Mount of Olives; visit the Old City’s gates or relax and Mishkenot Sha’ananim. If you still have strength left… there are many more locations and sites to visit.
The project updates monthly, and many more exciting and surprising additions and innovations are planned for the future. You can register to receive updates from the site. Share this unique experience with your friends.
Jerusalem 360 wishes you an exhilarating and enjoyable tour.


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